Toilet stands assist elderly with bathroom use.The elderly people are more often susceptible to falls which is associated with the increased rate of mortality and morbidity. The main factors resulting in falls in elderly are environmental hazards, medications and pathological condition. More often they tend to fall in toilets and bathrooms, where the floor seems quite slippery. In order to prevent such falls in toilet areas, toilet stands are now available in the shopping markets. These toilet safety products make the toilets a safer place for people who require special needs.

Toilets could generally be classified into two types, namely, the squat and western-style. Many of the toilet stands are designed to suit the western-type toilets. There are plenty of toilet stands available for purchase and it includes toilet safety frames, toilet safety rails, elderly potty chair, elevated toilet seats and ergonomic airlift commode. Toilet frames are of two designs namely the knock down and class transfer bench design.

The Class transfer bench design offers a good seating area and backrests that provide additional support, whereas the knock down design offers a fixable aluminum stand that could be used for support. Potty chair is found to be more advantageous when compared to the former designs. It consists of a frame combined with seating arrangement (plastic pot) covered with lid, which could be used separately in any other room or can also be fitted to the toilet.

The ergonomic airlift commode seems to be a better product among the toilet stands. A bracket is attached to the toileting with two bolts and by lifting a lever in the back of the seat; which can be used for cleaning. The airlift has a large comfortable “guest seating arrangement” along with the armrests. These grab bars are very essential for safety and security.

Toilet stands provide support to the elderly when rising from the toilet seat. Toilet stands and safety frames consists of an aluminum bracket which is easy to fix, arms fold back that could be cleaned with ease, and armrests that provide a secure support to the hands.

With the advancement of technology, people are now gifted with different toilet stands and aids. But care has to be given for the safer selection of these products. The advantages should never hide the hazardous part of it. However, these toilet aids are not very sturdy, especially if the person is overweight. Some inexpensive brands tend to lose their suction and hence are hazardous for use. Hence greater importance should be given during the selection of the product.